About Me

   I've been working as a freelance hair and makeup artist for local and national advertising and entertainment since 1989. Utilizing skills in varied aspects and styles of makeup application in several different mediums. Often my job calls for simple grooming and corrective makeup for corporate portraits and industrial video and "lifestyle" hair and makeup on actors and models for commercial print and video/film. Depending on what the job calls for, I strive to use a light hand with my techniques to keep my subjects looking natural and "real".

   There is sometimes call for me to amp it up a bit by adding more glamour or edge to my stylings for editorial, runway or fashion pieces...then onto another job where I'll prep and style an athlete, a celebrity or a spokesperson to be camera ready for television or live-feed broadcast.  And it's always a pleasure when I'm requested to create looks for a period piece or character makeup for print, feature film or stage.

   My career has allowed me the opportunity to work with a lot of interesting people and subject matters and I've learned so much about what people do in groups and as individuals. I've enjoyed working with people in the medical arts and their patients, small and large business owners and their employees, politicians, educators, philanthropists, athletes, volunteers, musicians, actors, models, entertainers and the hundreds of folks I've worked along side of in the production crews that make it all happen.

   I've had the pleasure of being a part of the creation of many different scenarios, from documenting healthcare workers and their medical strides to large production television commercial shoots and feature films to behind the scenes, backstage or in a control room where multiple cameras are running for the taping of a live performance. I'm constantly reminded of how nice it is to have a career that offers so many different experiences!

   I believe each one of my subjects has something special to showcase and that they each have their own unique character or a talent to display. While my job is often about enhancing physical beauty or changing one's appearance to suit a role, I think the confidence that comes from looking one's best can be absolutely transformational and I'm honored to play a role in that transformation.